Members and Collaborators

Florianopolis, Brasil • New York City, USA

In the winter of 2005, Malandro was born in Florianopolis, a small island in the south of Brazil. Former high school bandmates, Robert and Jonathan, traveled south to surf and play music with Gabriel and a special sound soon became evident to everyone within earshot.
Malandro’s sound has been described as a fusion joining the best hooks of 60’s rock bands like CCR and the Stones with the lyrical power of Bob Marley, delivered with the live energy and vibe of Ben Harper and Sublime. Whatever the band’s sound recalls for you, the catchy hooks and screaming guitar are guaranteed to please.

Malandro’s music has been used in numerous soundtracks and several ASP (Association of Surfing Professionals) documentaries. Malandro has performed at Manhattan’s top live venues (CBGB’s, The Lion’s Den/Sullivan Hall, The Knitting Factory, The Bitter End, Kenny’s Castaways), The Stephen Talkhouse as well as headlined festivals at Dartmouth (NH), Franklin & Marshall (PA), Penn State, and the 75th Anniversary of Guild Hall in East Hampton. NY. Back in Floripa, Malandro is a household name having appeared on radio and television numerous times while touring Brazil.

A note on “malandro”:
The Brazilian term "malandro" has no direct English equivalent and while loosely translated as "trickster" can be better approximated through example. Celebrated in countless sambas, the classic Malandro is a slick, lovable, yet mischievous hero, typically depicted in a white linen suit, perfumed scarf, and soft leather hat. Driven by the desire to live life to its fullest without interference by work or consequences, the Malandro lives at the margins, sipping
cachaça while gambling at snooker, and survives thanks to the women who love him.

At once a proper noun and adjective, nowadays “malandro” describes both such a person and any action or style that recalls this character. Always one step ahead, the Malandro shows up immediately after the beer is opened and departs immediately before it is finished. Dodging responsibility at every turn, he sambas through life.

Jonathan "Jesusinho" Weissberg:
Lead Guitar, Lead Miracles
Gabriel "Cosmico" Gontijo: Vocals, Guitar, Vibes
Robert "The Recliner" Copeland-Halperin: Drums, Vocals, Impeccable Hair
Johnny "Two Fingaz" Gontijo: Bass, Base, Liens/Garnishments/Form#402A-11B
Andy "The Dank" Shapiro: Saxophone, Big Plastic Shades & a Bottle of Booze
"Pantless" Pete Levitan: MC Vocals and no pants
Jack "Aquaman" Gill: Keyboards and the ability to solo while drinking at the same time
C.R. "Beto" Janesch: Bass, Vocals, Marlboro Reds
Alexandre "Lizoide" Brandão: Percussion, Vocals, Tattoos and Tropical Fruits
Cristiano "Kiki" Vanzelotti: Drums and Rastahood
Fernando "Urso" Richter: Drums and supernatural sense of how machines work
Tobias "Tibas" Piaia: Drums, Lola and Magic
Paulo "Swell" Xavier: Lead Guitar, Vocals and "The Swell Yell!"
Claudio "Jones" Ciampolini: Bass and girlfriend's car
Elias Zanon: Acoustic Violins, Electric Violins,
 Vortex, Vibes
Luiz "Roque" Bezerra: Recordings and "Fade Out"
Dougie "The Matrix" Simmons: Keyboards/Assman (C:/ altauto.exec:bat...)
Matt "Session Ace" Siffert: Bass
Mike "Sternzito" Stern: OFFICIAL Jeweler and Wristband Supplier
Max "Big God" Fishko: Grand Mufti
Gostosas: Gostosas